The wooden pipe is used for extracting items from chests, furnaces and mod items. They require power directly from an engine to work, and cannot be powered with conductive pipes. They also are the most basic pipe, both in capabilities and rarity of items that are needed.

Wooden pipes will not connect with each other. They can connect to any other transport pipe available, a machine with a valid output slot, or a box. When placed, the brown shaded end of the pipe extracts items from whatever it is connected to and the unshaded end will input the items into a connected container or pipe.


  • When powered by a redstone engine, the wooden pipe extracts one item at a time, with the time between items reducing as the engine heats up.
  • When powered by a steam engine, the wooden pipe extracts up to 24 items at a time. (However the engine will start to overheat)
  • When powered by a combustion engine , the wooden pipe extracts up to 1 stack at a time - faster than a steam engine.

Wooden pipes can be waterproofed or turned into conductive pipes.


Template:Grid/Crafting Table Ingredients:

  • 2 x Wooden Planks
  • 1 x Glass

Produces: 8 x Wooden Pipes