Iron furnace

The next furnace in Tekkit is the "iron furnace" which cooks things a bit quicker but is 25% more efficient than a basic furnace. Iron furnaces can be crafted with either five iron or eight iron.

here is how to craft a iron furnace the most efficient way


  1. YemzA

You will need

  • 8 iron no cobble furnace
  1. Same as a basic furnace but replace stone with iron ingots

Electric furnace

There are also electric furnaces which cook things 12.5% faster than iron furnaces and are powerd by electricity which means they are more efficient, and they shut off power as soon as it has run out of things to smelt, therefore not wasteing any electricity.

Block Electric Furnace

you will need

  • two redstone
  • one electric circit
  • iron furnace
  1. put the iron furnace in the middle of the crafting table
  2. put one redstone to the left and right of the furnace
  3. put an advanced circit on the top of the iron furnace

Induction Furnace

Induction furnaces allow you to smelt two items at once, it also is 50% more efficient when fully charged. Induction furnaces are also powered by EU(the tekkit measure for power).
172px-Induction Furnace


  • seven copper
  • one electric furnace
  • one advanced machine block
  1. put the electric funace in the middle of the crafting table
  2. put the advanced machine block below the electric furnace
  3. fill the rest of the places with copper