&nbsp Copper Cables

Copper Cables are used to make all the basic machinary in industrialcraft as well as carry current. Copper cables are used to make circuits, which are used to make low-level machines. They also can carry current up to 32 eu/t before melting. CAUTION: make sure you insulate copper cable otherwise you can get killed by them, they deal 3hearts of damage a second.


You will need

  • three copper
  • six rubber
  • something for crafting(obiously)

if you cannot see the picture for Computer reasons, here is how to craft it

  1. fill up the top layer with rubber horizontaly
  2. fill up the bottom layer with rubber horizontaly
  3. fill up the middle layer with copper horizontaly


Copper cables can hold a max of 32 eu/t, which is classified as low volage (LV) in industrialcraft. This energy can power most machines, and is stored in a batbox